Attala County, Mississippi Cemeteries

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Ables Cemetery 325823N, 0895059W
Antioch Cemetery 325810N, 0892650W
Armstrong Cemetery 330820N, 0894600W
Attala Memory Gardens 325715N, 0893353W
Bear Creek Cemetery 331433N, 0892116W
Berea Cemetery 331416N, 0892623W
Bethel Cemetery 330903N, 0893704W
Bethlehem Cemetery 330340N, 0894219W
Black Jack Cemetery 325402N, 0894847W
Bloomingburg Cemetery 330935N, 0892221W
Bowie Chapel Cemetery 331028N, 0892033W
Bowlin Cemetery 330506N, 0894640W
Breazeale Cemetery 330202N, 0892743W
Brister Cemetery 330957N, 0894029W
Brooks Cemetery 330205N, 0893100W
Brown Cemetery 330055N, 0894339W
Buffalo Cemetery 330500N, 0893208W
Bullock Cemetery 330003N, 0893714W
Bunker Hill Cemetery 330142N, 0894905W
Carr Cemetery 330845N, 0892719W
Carson Ridge Cemetery 330618N, 0892458W
Cedar Grove Cemetery 325801N, 0893048W
Center Cemetery 325646N, 0892553W
Chapel Hill Cemetery 331545N, 0892807W
Coleman Cemetery 330134N, 0894101W
Cummings Cemetery 330204N, 0894403W
Daniel Cemetery 331146N, 0893755W
Dickerson Cemetery 325757N, 0894903W
Dodd Cemetery 330010N, 0893350W
Doty Springs Cemetery 330301N, 0892130W
Eades Cemetery 331557N, 0892618W
East County Line Cemetery 330113N, 0891908W
Ebenezer Cemetery 330010N, 0892432W
Edgefield Cemetery 330725N, 0892019W
Ellington Cemetery 325940N, 0894446W
Fletcher Cemetery 325902N, 0893502W
Friendship Cemetery 331657N, 0893248W
Guess Cemetery 330823N, 0894328W
Hannah Cemetery 330819N, 0892410W
Harmon Cemetery 325819N, 0894427W
Harmonia Cemetery 325829N, 0894725W
Harmony Cemetery 330658N, 0892241W
Herring Cemetery 330009N, 0893637W
Hill Springs Cemetery 325946N, 0894301W
Himan Cemetery 330924N, 0894356W
Holeman Cemetery 330432N, 0894839W
Holy Grove Cemetery 331017N, 0893238W
Hopewell Cemetery 325415N, 0894750W
Hurricane Cemetery 330232N, 0893919W
Isaac Cemetery 325618N, 0893658W
Jenkins Cemetery 325804N, 0894103W
Kelley Cemetery 325817N, 0892210W
Kelly Cemetery 325819N, 0892219W
Liberty Chapel Cemetery 331137N, 0892910W
Liberty Hill Cemetery 331248N, 0892323W
Lutheran Cemetery 325823N, 0894950W
Macedonia Cemetery 331113N, 0893544W
Macedonia Cemetery 330052N, 0892026W
Malett Cemetery 325857N, 0893949W
Marvin Chapel Cemetery 330632N, 0893237W
Mayo Cemetery 331333N, 0894203W
McClain Cemetery 325555N, 0894504W
McCool Cemetery 331157N, 0892018W
McCord Cemetery 330820N, 0893010W
Mitchell Cemetery 325444N, 0895244W
Mount Leviton Cemetery 330740N, 0892810W
Mount Moriah Cemetery 330008N, 0892651W
Mount Pilgrim Cemetery 331149N, 0892009W
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 330028N, 0895038W
Mount Vernon Cemetery 330201N, 0893046W
Mount Zion Cemetery 330538N, 0893915W
Mount Zion Cemetery 330759N, 0892820W
Musselwhite Cemetery 330632N, 0894038W
New Banyon Cemetery 325742N, 0895129W
New Bethel Cemetery 330227N, 0894434W
New Hope Cemetery 325904N, 0894518W
New Hope Cemetery 330318N, 0892830W
New Roby Cemetery 325604N, 0894642W
New Salem Cemetery 331356N, 0893643W
Newhope Cemetery 331412N, 0893311W
North Union Cemetery 331211N, 0894147W
Oak Grove Cemetery 331348N, 0893506W
Oak Ridge Cemetery 331437N, 0893033W
Old Bowie Cemetery 330957N, 0892136W
Old Roby Cemetery 325656N, 0894820W
Palmer Cemetery 330939N, 0893913W
Parkway Cemetery 330238N, 0893440W
Patterson Cemetery 325644N, 0892633W
Pierces Chapel Cemetery 330942N, 0893336W
Pilgrim Cemetery 331041N, 0892758W
Pilgrim Rest Cemetery 331108N, 0893033W
Pisgah Cemetery 325836N, 0894926W
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 325828N, 0893308W
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery 330350N, 0894743W
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery 330151N, 0892010W
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery 330343N, 0894244W
Pole Pen Cemetery 325603N, 0895136W
Presley Cemetery 330435N, 0893447W
Providence Cemetery 330245N, 0892434W
Providence Cemetery 331518N, 0893851W
Riley Cemetery Unknown
Roby Cemetery 325606N, 0894929W
Rocky Point Cemetery 331026N, 0894156W
Rosamond Cemetery Unknown
Russell Cemetery 325823N, 0894223W
Saint Mark Cemetery 325603N, 0895016W
Salem Cemetery 325541N, 0894524W
Sallis Cemetery 330128N, 0894552W
Samarra Cemetery 325911N, 0893902W
Sand Hill Cemetery 331150N, 0893831W
Sandy Ridge Cemetery 325328N, 0895036W
Seneasha Cemetery 325602N, 0894953W
Shady Grove Cemetery 331239N, 0893203W
Shelley Cemetery 325817N, 0893759W
Shelley Cemetery 325835N, 0893820W
Shield Cemetery 325557N, 0892616W
Shiloh Cemetery 331523N, 0894112W
Silas Grove Cemetery 330215N, 0893816W
Skeen Cemetery 325813N, 0893746W
Smyrna Cemetery 330934N, 0894421W
Smyrna Cemetery 325921N, 0892913W
Smyrna Cemetery 331033N, 0893643W
Spring Grove Cemetery 325319N, 0894901W
Spring Ridge Cemetery 325955N, 0894610W
Springdale Cemetery 330609N, 0894251W
Stonewall Cemetery 330827N, 0892820W
Stump Ridge Cemetery 330015N, 0895003W
Sweet Pilgrim Cemetery 330810N, 0893958W
Tabernacle Cemetery 330438N, 0892545W
Teague Cemetery 330204N, 0894318W
Thornton Cemetery 331028N, 0894316W
Union Cemetery 325352N, 0895045W
Unity Cemetery 331005N, 0894351W
West Union Cemetery 330123N, 0893619W
White Plains Cemetery 331439N, 0892510W
Williamsville Cemetery Unknown
Wyatt Cemetery 325427N, 0894840W
Wyse Cemetery 325826N, 0894513W