Attala County, Mississippi Churches

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Abraham Baptist Church 331033N, 0892449W
Antioch Baptist Church 331000N, 0892134W
Barlow AME Church 330029N, 0894600W
Bear Creek Missionary Baptist Church 331431N, 0892119W
Berea Baptist Church 331418N, 0892622W
Bethel Methodist Church 330902N, 0893707W
Bethlehem Church 330347N, 0894204W
Beulah Baptist Church 325724N, 0892903W
Bowie Chapel Methodist Church 331026N, 0892035W
Bowlin Baptist Church 330504N, 0894641W
Buffalo AME Church 330500N, 0893211W
Bunker Hill Church 330138N, 0894903W
Carson Ridge Baptist Church 330618N, 0892456W
Cedar Grove Baptist Church 325705N, 0894219W
Cedar Grove Church 325801N, 0893046W
Center Baptist Church 325644N, 0892551W
Center Church 325750N, 0892651W
Center Ridge Church 325758N, 0894704W
Chapel Hill Methodist Church 331545N, 0892803W
Damascus Church 325754N, 0893058W
Doty Springs Baptist Church 330301N, 0892129W
East Macedonia Methodist Church 330057N, 0892025W
East Union Church (historical) 330704N, 0893157W
Ebenezer Baptist Church 330011N, 0892430W
Edgefield Baptist Church 330727N, 0892017W
Ethel Baptist Church 330725N, 0892758W
Faith Temple 325951N, 0893217W
Fancher Hill Baptist Church 331519N, 0892122W
First Baptist Church 330333N, 0893515W
Harmonia Methodist Church 325829N, 0894727W
Harmony Baptist Church 330700N, 0892241W
Hesterville Church of Christ 330933N, 0893918W
Hill Springs Church 325935N, 0894310W
Hopewell Church 325416N, 0894804W
Hurricane Baptist Church 330128N, 0893843W
Jackson Street Baptist Church 330333N, 0893522W
Jericho Church 330234N, 0894624W
Jericho Church (historical) 330237N, 0894628W
Jerusalem Baptist Church 325940N, 0893027W
Kosciusko First Methodist Church 330331N, 0893515W
Lebanon Primitive Bapt. Ch. (historical) Unknown
Liberty Chapel 331139N, 0892913W
Liberty Hill Methodist Church 331246N, 0892321W
Little Hill Church 325831N, 0893040W
Macedonia Baptist Church (historical) 331115N, 0893644W
Macedonia Church 330544N, 0894633W
Marvel Rock Baptist Church 330539N, 0893431W
Marvins Chapel Methodist Church 330632N, 0893238W
McAdams Baptist Church 330120N, 0894120W
McAdams Methodist Church 330124N, 0894118W
Mount Cana Church 325751N, 0892524W
Mount Leviton Church 330740N, 0892813W
Mount Moriah Church 330014N, 0892703W
Mount Pleasant AME Church 330028N, 0895037W
Mount Vernon AME Church 330201N, 0893046W
Mount Zion Church 330539N, 0893916W
Mount Zion Church 330800N, 0892821W
New Banyon Church 325739N, 0895151W
New Bethel Church 330226N, 0894453W
New Garden AME Church 330200N, 0893027W
New Hope Baptist Church 325903N, 0894517W
New Hope Baptist Church 330317N, 0892829W
New Hope Church 330853N, 0894520W
New Salem Baptist Church 331356N, 0893646W
New Salem Church 325745N, 0892302W
Nile Church 325642N, 0893055W
North Union Baptist Church 331210N, 0894149W
Oak Grove Church 331348N, 0893504W
Oak Ridge Primitive Baptist Church 331438N, 0893036W
Palestine Church 325855N, 0893934W
Parkway Baptist Church 330230N, 0893448W
Patterson Church 325838N, 0892552W
Peeler Church 325645N, 0892552W
Pierce Chapel Methodist Church 330943N, 0893335W
Pilgrims Rest Baptist Church 331109N, 0893034W
Plantation Church 330553N, 0893029W
Pleasant Hill Church 325830N, 0893303W
Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church 330344N, 0894235W
Pleasant Ridge Primitive Baptist Church 330151N, 0892013W
Providence Baptist Church 330256N, 0892452W
Providence Methodist Church 331517N, 0893850W
Rock Hill Church 331021N, 0894444W
Rocky Point Church 331025N, 0894156W
Saint Mark Church 325604N, 0895017W
Saint Theresa Catholic Church 330333N, 0893453W
Salem Methodist Church 325710N, 0893343W
Sallis Baptist Church 330111N, 0894547W
Sand Hill Baptist Church 331151N, 0893832W
Sandy Ridge Church 325327N, 0895036W
Second Baptist Church 330319N, 0893614W
Seneasha Church 325601N, 0894958W
Shady Grove Methodist Church 331239N, 0893206W
Shiloh Methodist Church 331524N, 0894110W
Shrock Methodist Church 325312N, 0895229W
Silas Grove Church 330216N, 0893816W
Silas Grove Church 330126N, 0893620W
Smyrna Church 331034N, 0893643W
Smyrna Methodist Church (historical) 330935N, 0894418W
Smyrna Presbyterian Church 325920N, 0892911W
Spring Grove Methodist Church 325324N, 0894859W
Spring Ridge Church 325436N, 0895329W
Springdale Baptist Church 330624N, 0894122W
Springdale Methodist Ch. (historical) 330610N, 0894249W
Stonewall Church 330828N, 0892823W
Stump Ridge Church 330014N, 0895003W
Sweet Pilgrim Church 330812N, 0893958W
Tabernacle Methodist Church 330440N, 0892543W
Unity Baptist Church 331007N, 0894351W
White Plains Baptist Church 331442N, 0892516W
Williamsville Baptist Church 330137N, 0893356W
Yockanookany Baptist Church 325552N, 0893720W
Zama Baptist Church 325818N, 0892220W
Zama Church 325817N, 0892218W
Zemuly Church 325655N, 0894320W